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52 Card Pickup, Song #24 - The Master Cleanser


I have slightly remixed and then remastered my biggest hit, AKA the only one of my songs--to my knowledge--to ever have been played on the radio, via the syndicated Hour of Slack, official radio ministry of the Church of the SubGenius™.

I have included the following disclaimer in order to make it clear I am not sincerely evangelizing for this new age bullshit:

This ode to Stanley Burroughs, creator of the Master Cleanser, is not to be taken at face value. The man was a dangerous fraud who killed at least one of his "patients." I have only given him a sympathetic voice because I thought it made for a better song. The unreliable narrator is a device that may be used not only in prose, but in song as well. If you get sick from starving yourself on lemonade, don't blame me.

Summary of the manslaughter judgment against Stanley Burroughs:

Podcast of the Hour of Slack episode featuring this song:
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