THAT (that) wrote,

52 Card Pickup, Song #22: 30th Century Man


Sadly, Scott Walker died this year. He was a unique and uncompromising artist who had a huge influence on Bowie and many others. I've always loved this song, which was on his 3rd solo record, Scott 3, in 1969.

I recorded this version about 4 years ago, but when I listened to it recently, it felt not-quite-finished, so I added some harmony vocals & tambourine and completely changed the mix. Scott's original is perfect in its austerity; I saw no need to try to recreate that, so I gave it a fuller arrangement.

If you wonder what that strange sound is at the end, it's the washing machine from my flat in Kazakhstan, looped and echoed. Or else maybe it's a time machine.
Tags: 2019 - a song a week, my music
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