THAT (that) wrote,

52 Card Pickup, Songs # 20 & 21: The Happiness Engine & My Fondest Regrets


I believe I wrote this in the early 90s. I've been trying to record it properly ever since. It sort of sounds like it's about some diabolic combination of Happy Fun Ball and the internet, but at the time I wrote it, the internet wasn't much of a thing yet, at least in my world. Perhaps it was prophetic.


This wistful instrumental originally appeared on All Kinds Of Wrong, my folksy album with Jeromy Barber, in a stripped-down arrangement, but it's probably my favorite of my instrumental compositions and I always wanted to do a bigger production job on it, so here it has piano, bass, and drums. I think of it as a soundtrack to a film that is half spaghetti western, half French existentialism.
Tags: 2019 - a song a week, my music
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