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52 Card Pickup, Song #17: Once So Splendid


I've decided to call my 2019 song-a-week project 52 Card Pickup, on account of 52 weeks in a year and 52 cards in a deck. I think next January, when it's all done, I will bundle the songs into four 13-track albums called Hearts, Spades, Aces & Clubs. I'm not a big card player, but it just sort of seems to work.

Anyway, this week's song. Who doesn't daydream about inheriting a decayed mansion and its vast weed-choked estate?

Musically, it doesn't get any more David Morrison than this. Minor key, 3/4 time with the occasional spastic Zappa-esque interruption, languorous tempo, tritone substitution, b9s out the wazoo, whole tone keyboard runs, creepy guitar solo... all the salient features of my brand, plus ghosts howling on Joe Newman's synthesizer wind. Joe also mixed & mastered.

I took the cover photo in an art house cinema in Budapest. I went to see an old Hungarian film and the only people in the theater were me and this hunched old dude in a tattered raincoat. That guy was like my spirit animal.
Tags: 2019 - a song a week, my music
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