THAT (that) wrote,

2019 A Song A Week #15: Long Gone


This is another cover, by one of my all-time top musical heroes, the late, great, Syd Barrett. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, he was the original founding member of Pink Floyd. Fame and large amounts of LSD apparently did not agree with him and he retreated from public life. His two post-Floyd solo albums are absolute masterpieces of utterly unique songwriting.

I've sung this song forever. Carey Bowman of the Coffee Sergeants & I used to do it in our psychedelic supergroup Kangaroo Suicide, which was just him and me & our guitars, playing in bookstores and stuff back in the 80s in Austin.

Joe Newman (The Rudy Schwartz Project) mixed and mastered it and also added some of his usual exquisitely weird sounds. I think he hired a troll to sharpen a sword in a cave during the guitar solo.
Tags: 2019 - a song a week, my music
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