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2019 A Song A Week #13: Starship Lorenz Do You Copy?


This week's song is an instrumental. I've been fiddling with it off and on for a year or two, but I think it's done now. A nice thing about my song a week project is that it allows me to finish things and move on.

It used to be called Autostatic, but the more I worked on it, the more it sounded like a space voyage to me. I originally composed this by improvising on the organ along with a metronome; I took the good bits and edited them together. Then I played drums along with it, then added bass, then guitar, then sound effects.

If you wonder what those strange noises are towards the end of the song, that's a tone generator powered by a Lorenz attractor, which is an algorithmic function derived from Chaos Theory. The science fiction novel I just finished describes a civilization whose planet is in the orbit of three stars. The problem of predicting the motion of three bodies in space is essentially insoluble; it's a classic example of what chaos theory has demonstrated, that simple systems with few variables produce complexities that cannot be thoroughly described. Thus the beings on that planet live in a constant state of terror, not knowing what conditions will prevail. The afterburners of that book, lingering in my mind, probably influenced how I shaped the final mix today.

So, in my mind, this piece of music evokes a spaceship facing some kind of anomaly that causes them to lose contact, and makes them unable anyway to explain what they are experiencing. There's an opaque, 2001: A Space Oddyssey-like resolution at the end, with the reappearance of the chaotic tones. So I decided to name the starship after Konrad Lorenz, the great mathematician of Chaos Theory.

Of course, it may sound like something completely different to you. I'm cool with that.
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