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2019 - A Song A Week, #12: Catalog Of Dreams


I'm kind of excited about this one because it's a brand new composition. I spent about an hour composing the music and finished the lyrics over several days. A couple of people have told me they find it funny, which I find heartening, since often my lyrics are intended to be humorous but people don't seem to get it.

I'm also very happy that I was able to get Lia to do the harmony vocals, which I think make the song much more appealing. And my buddy Joe Newman mastered it, which is nice. It's a real vote of confidence for him to take time out of his own work to do these things for me. I have the utmost respect for his music.


Welcome back to high school, pal
Why are you in your underwear?
Maybe no-one's noticed yet
'Cause your principal is a psychopath

So you run and you run
But your legs go soft
And your teeth fall out
But you find some money
But it's not real money
It's not real money
It's not real money

Because it never is
In the catalog of dreams

In a secret place inside your heart
Is a TV show you used to watch
And you're the star
But you don't know your lines
And everyone just stares at you

So you punch and you punch
But the punches won't land
Like marshmallow punches
So you try to fly
Like you used to could
But it just don't work anymore

That one's on page four
In the catalog of dreams

You need to use the phone
But the buttons never work
So you have a conversation
With this fascinating person
Who really understands you
But they never did exist

And the dead come back
And you know they're dead
But you try to tell them anyway
All the things you wish you'd said
But they don't seem to hear you

That page was torn out
Of the catalog of dreams

The catalog of dreams
The catalog, the catalog
The catalog of everybody's dreams
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