THAT (that) wrote,

2019 - A Song A Week, #11: King Rat


If you're thinking you've heard this one before, you probably have. Just to be clear, I'm not writing and releasing a brand new song every week. That would be insane. I would have to quit my job, which I need, in order to buy guitar strings and cat food.

What I'm doing is releasing a song every week to bandcamp and all the streaming services. That means some new writing, but mostly so far it's been a lot of polishing off and finishing up things that are half done. I also have some stuff that's just been on Soundcloud and is ready to go.

This is one of those, a little pop song for the apocalypse. The collapse of civilization is kind of a theme in my writing, because, um, if you're paying attention, I don't see how you can avoid thinking about it. It's not science fiction anymore. My hope of course is that we will be replaced by rats, because I really like rats.

I do have a couple of brand-new things that are getting close to the final stage. (Just like our civilization.) Might even have one ready for next week, if I can arrange a session with my favorite harmony singer.

Thanks everybody for listening, sharing, commenting, downloading, etc. I really appreciate it!
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