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2019 - A Song A Week #8 - If I Was Fred

If I Was Fred, by David Morrison, on Bandcamp

I'm still on track with my goal of releasing one song a week in 2019. This is song number eight.

This rather droll, jazzy number is one that people seem to like when I play it live. It often gets some laughs.

I recorded it about a year-and-a-half ago. It's on a CD that I sell at gigs, but I never got around to putting it out on the internet. I remixed and remastered it. (I do have some brand new stuff in the hopper, but it's waiting on Lia Green to do some backing vocals before I send it off to Rudy Schwartz Towers for mixing and mastering.)

My dad's name was Fred. Like a lot of people, I sometimes think about what my dad was doing when he was my age. (Invariably, I am crushed by the weight of responsibility in these musings.) That's what got me started writing, but, as songs often do, it went off in another direction entirely. So this Fred is not my dad, though I picture him as a sort of normal guy with an office job, who wears cardigans, and rakes the yard. And some woman loves him, but she doesn't love me. There's a twist at the end.


If I was Fred
Would you make me some toast?
And kiss my head
When I left in the morning for the office?

If I was Fred
Would you love me a bunch?
Would you iron my socks
And put little notes in my lunch
Instead of wishing I was dead?

If I was Fred
I'd take you down to Cancun
We'd lie in bed
And watch the tropical moon

Make pools of light
On the hotel floor
With the do not disturb sign
Hung on the door until noon
And eat macaroons
Oh, it ended too soon

And when we fought
Our little spats would be mild
Because one ought
Never to frighten the child

Yes life is a struggle
And love is no song
And you have to make do
And you have to be strong

But you would see
The one for you would be me
If I was Fred
And you were Beverly
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