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2019 - A Song A Week #6 - Life Of The Party

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This strange little pop song was originally part of my repertoire with Hop, a group I fronted in Austin in the 90s. The bass, drums, and guitar were recorded on 4-track cassette, which is what you did back then. Rich Woodson played bass and Greg Thibeaux played the drums. As a result, the drums are in mono and it's a bit lo-fi overall, but I actually kind of like the way it sounds. When your drummer is really good, you don't need a super fancy recording. I could have recorded the drums myself with better fidelity, but I don't play nearly as well as Greg does. I had to work really hard to get this piano part; I'm not a very good pianist.

Listening back to recordings of Hop, I'm still amazed what good players they were. I just got lucky; at that stage of my development, I really didn't deserve a band that good. I may well release some more reworked Hop material, but of course I will have to rewrite some of the dumber lyrics. (This one underwent several changes and is a much less sucky text now.) And I'll need to sing them again, which I should anyway, because 25 years ago my vocal skills were appallingly meager.

Although the song is about the dark side of celebrity culture, I decided not to update it for the internet age, nor to pick more current names than Marlon Brando and Andy Warhol. I just can't imagine this song with other people in it. It's not like the teenagers are going to be dancing to this, anyway.

Hope you dig it.
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