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2019 - A Song A Week #5 - How Can A Man Overcome His Heartbroken Pain?

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And here is song number five in my song-a-week project for 2019. This song has an interesting backstory. It was written by Rodd Keith to lyrics by James Fuller. James Fuller was a guy who sent his lyrics to a "Songs Needed!" advertisement in the back of a magazine sometime in the 70s. Most of these type songs were done in a rush by studio musicians who turned out a dozen or more slapdash tracks a day. They were never intended to see the light of day; there were just a way to make a hundred bucks off some random citizen who thought they were going to have a big break in the music biz. They would press one copy and mail it back to the mark. As a result, most of them have been lost, but thankfully collectors have saved a lot of really strange and wonderful curiosities from oblivion. There is a great documentary about the "song-poem" industry called Off The Charts.

Rodd Keith, however, was an anomaly in the field; he really put his heart and soul into every one of his songs, no matter how screwy the words. I think this is a tremendous composition and I think the awkwardness of the lyric actually heightens the drama created by Rodd's excellent music.

Lia Green does the backing vocals on my version and I think it puts a dreamy polish on it I could never have gotten on my own. My mom, thatmami, was present when Lia was doing her takes and she had useful insights and good suggestions that helped us with the vocal arrangement.

Hope you enjoy it.

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