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2018 Book A Week Wrap-Up

Well, my 2018 book-a-week project is done. I only managed 46 books, but some of them were quite long. Looking back over the list, I would say I really loved at least half of them and there were only half a dozen duds. I decided against ranking them or doing stars or anything. I don't care for that style of reviewing. I think a book is like a person; each one is unique and deserves to be considered as an individual.

I'm really glad I did it, and though I won't be reading as much this year, I expect I will always have a book going. (Right now I'm working on the last book in Margaret Atwood's Maddaddam trilogy and a biography of Woody Herman.) Forcing myself to read has rekindled my love of it, which sometimes falls to the wayside, what with work and music and playing chess on my phone and stuff. I find life much richer when I am reading.

I also found that I really enjoyed writing about the books as a way of letting them settle into my memory. I'm quite sure that I will remember these books better than ones I didn't write about.

Should you decide to read anything on my list, please let me know if you enjoyed it and why or why not. I love discussing a book with someone else who has read it.

This link will give you the full list:

Dave's 2018 book reviews

Sticking to it as well as I did encouraged me with this year's resolution to release a song every week. I won't have to come up with brand new material every week because I have a huge backlog of unreleased material, but I'll also be polishing up a lot of half-finished things. Overall, the work it takes me to record and mix a song is probably roughly equivalent to reading a good-sized novel. I work pretty quick.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my book reviews last year. Happy reading, everyone!
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