2018 Book #19 - The Cat Society of Farrell Circle, by Phoebe Voorhees

This is the second book this year that I have read by someone I know. In this case, this charming little philosophical parable was written by my friendsJohn and Tanya's 11 year-old daughter Phoebe. She was 10 when she began it. I'm not sure I would have believed that if I hadn't met Phoebe, who is an extraordinarily bright child.

It's the story of a group of cats trying to, so to speak, herd themselves. Being cats, they naturally have some difficulty working together. There are philosophical debates around individualism versus cooperation, a scheming faction, indifference, and other impediments.

Phoebe has an interesting narrative voice: reflective, insightful, and quirky. I also liked the narrator's explanations of how she overheard the cats , what she may have misheard, and descriptions of the intersections of feline vs. human society. One of my favorite things was when a meeting was interrupted by an old man throwing a plaid house slipper.

I predict that Phoebe Voorhees is going to do a lot of interesting things and good work in her life. I hope that she continues to follow her own path and doesn't let the normals get in her way.

If you'd like to support a talented young writer, you can order the book online.



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