THAT (that) wrote,

2018 Book #14: Kill Decision - Daniel Suarez

This thriller is basically a screenplay for an action movie, which normally wouldn't interest me. But I  picked it up because it features killer drones that use swarm intelligence, modeled on ants. Now THAT interests me. And that concept is developed very plausibly, and in some detail. I love the way they use chemicals to communicate. And whereas most action novels degenerate into gun fights and physical combat at the end, in this one, the climax requires them to suss out the drones' swarming behavior.

I doubt I'll remember the book's human characters for long, but I'm not going to be able to forget those swarming drones, and I have the uncomfortable feeling that at some point I'm going to see something very like them in the news.

Tags: 2018 book reviews
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