THAT (that) wrote,

From My Sketchbook

I find that I draw better when I like the picture more. This is from a WWI-era German magazine. His face is a bit cartoonish, but I think I really caught her melancholic expression. Also, I'm happy with both their noses. I'm trying to get my noses to look more natural, less cartooney.

More from old photos. The soldiers standing at ease are in the backgrounds of photos... I'm trying to get better at making things look like they're far away.

See, I didn't find either of these pictures very inspiring and so I think the drawings are kind of meh, sorta lifeless.

I've never really drawn cars. It's a whole art unto itself. In general, I draw more people and animals... man-made things with straight lines are hard for me. But these pretty much look like a car and you can tell it's a big 70's American car. Progress, not perfection.
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