THAT (that) wrote,

New song: King Rat


All tangled up in glorious of fur
Down in the darkness where the frightful things confer

A writhing tangle, a hundred glowing eyes
Lurching sideways, almost paralyzed

Chew the obvious and spit out the obscure
Without sickness there can be no cure

Let there be squirming and let there be desire
The lowest gutter to the highest burnt out spire

Let the darkness come and purify the day
Let the earth arise and push the sky away

Gather everything and tear it down to shreds
Let the housekeepers tremble in their beds

Surface dwellers the day is nearly here
When you shall fly like dogs into the arms of fear

Put your knitting down and dream a different dream
Have the courage and the faith to finally scream

To the heavens that forsake you
And partake in the unwinding
With your brothers

From the under
From the under

The underneath
Tags: my music
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