THAT (that) wrote,

Behold! The Master Cleanser!

Well, despite my best efforts to do nothing, it appears that I'm working on another album, which I'm currently thinking I'll call Yeah But No Really.

Here's the first preview. I started writing and recording The Master Cleanser and started recording it in 2005... just finished it up today. Finishing the lyrics was, as always, the main sticking point.

It's my ode to Stanley Burroughs, the messianic quack behind The Master Cleanser, a completely non-scientific diet that I—like every other counterculture musician from Austin—have of course done at some point. (Mr. Burroughs was convicted of practicing medicine without a license and killing one of his "patients.")

It doesn't follow his ideas that closely... it's more of a parody of New Age grandiosity, but I do believe that an untrustworthy narrator should be made as convincing as possible, so I will be greatly pleased if someone somewhere thinks the song is dead serious.
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