THAT (that) wrote,

And What Do You Get?

This is the kind of crowd pleasing material I've been working up for my next Archie's gig. I need to find songs that are familiar to most people, the kind of things they can sing along with, but they have to be songs I like playing, too, which narrows the field considerably. No Eagles, no Skynyrd, no Bad Company. Sorry, but I'd rather eat boiled old man than play Free Bird.

I love playing songs by artists I admire, if they're in my wheelhouse stylistically, but most of the music I like is pretty obscure to your average sports bar patron. Stevie Ray Vaughan is not the blues in my book, T-Bone Walker and Jimmy Reed are. But people do love Roger Miller's King of the Road. And I like to do She Thinks I Still Care, by George Jones.

I think I can walk the line, if I keep paying attention to what works. (Johnny Cash reference.) We'll see. I'm looking forward to it. And to the hundred bucks.
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