THAT (that) wrote,

Recent Drawings

I've started drawing again a bit lately; I was inspired by work of an incredible cartoonist named M.K. Brown. I could never be that good, but I can get a lot better at my own style, if I work at it.

This is a police chief who killed himself. He was convicted of something but had "vowed he'd never see the inside of a cell." I think I need to fix his nose and rescan him.

This man sells cars.

A child in a refugee camp in Syria. I find children hard to draw... she looks kind of like an old man.

The woman on the right was called Nana and this was from one of those tributes where people post a message to their deceased loved ones, who I guess are reading the paper in the next world? "We miss you, but everyone is doing fine..." Even thought this is not the greatest drawing in the world, I like the guy on the left because I actually made him look a little bit cartoon-funny. I've never been good at that and always wished I was. I really appreciate caricatures. Mort Drucker is a hero of mine.

This is a developer in front of a huge map. He wants to develop some stuff. In the original, the lighting is really bad and his head is sort of grayed-out, so I drew him kind of like a ghost. I like drawings that look like bad advertising art. I love Andy Warhol's copies of ads.
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