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An Old Bowie Song, THAT-style

David Bowie's much reviled 80s album Never Let Me Down has some great writing on it... people just can't hear past the cheesy production. I love this song. I don't have a harmonica anymore, but I was able to paste in an old track.


I have to admit, I'm not very familiar with much 80's Bowie, but I know what you mean about people not getting past production styles that don't age well. I know I'm guilty of that, it can be hard to see the wood for the flanger sometimes. I enjoyed your version, the harmonica didn't sound pasted in at all!
80s Bowie is really only for hardcore fans. You have to listen to the compositions and forget the reverb-drenched DX7 patches. I wouldn't put in that kind of work for an artist I wasn't obsessed with.

I'm happy with the harmonica import. Had to tune my guitar by ear a bit low to match the old track, but I used a metronome on the original track so it was easy to sync.