THAT (that) wrote,

The Fulton Speech

So I'm teaching English in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. And I have spent some time in and stand to inherit a house in Fulton, Missouri, where my grandmother lived.  What possible connection could there be between these two places, other than yours truly?

Well, in my upper-intermediate class tonight, one of the texts we worked with was a 1946 speech by Winston Churchill. (It was just in the textbook... I didn't pick it.)

"The Fulton speech!" said Issa.

Why... yes. The speech in which he coined the phrase "Iron Curtain." It is commemorated by a statue a half mile down the road from Grandma's house.

I took this picture of the statue of Winston Churchill in Fulton, MO, (down the road from Grandma's house), in spring 2012.

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