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Aunt Louise

Some of my newer friends here may not know that I am a musician. I have all the stuff I don't mind people hearing over at Since I haven't been playing anywhere for nearly two years, downloads have flat-lined and I decided to just make it all free (for now).

With Jeromy & Vicki, in Houston, summer 2012.

I also changed the settings so you don't have to give your email if you download something So don't worry that I will pester you if you do (or don't) download anything. I won't even know. I hate bothering my friends about that stuff. It's just there if you want it.

The most recent thing I uploaded was a crazy little rhythm and blues number I wrote and recorded in 1991. I spent most of yesterday cleaning it up and remixing it.


My girlfriend's little brother became obsessed with this song. I'd like to think I helped him individuate in his formative years. It's one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I can no longer hit the high notes in this one anymore. Your register drops as you get older.
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