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I've begun writing humorous staff bios for the school's facebook page. I started with Claire. I played up the England vs. Scotland rivalry that she & Peter have got going.

Meet the Teachers #1 - Claire

Claire is from Aberdeenshire, which is in Scotland. Her home county is a pastoral place, where it rains horizontally, but despite the weather, they do have a sufficiently advanced agricultural sector to produce many fine, woolly sheep.

This is Claire's first time teaching abroad. She taught English in the cities of Newcastle and London, but those are only in England, a small country to the south of Scotland. More impressively, she has also worked in hotels and on a farm.


Claire knew absolutely nothing about Kazakhstan before coming here. She didn't even know what language the people speak. But she loves adventure and new places. She once worked with children in Kenya. She says Kenya is the most interesting place she's ever been and she recommends visiting it. (Rather than London.)

Although Claire is from Scotland, she does not play the bagpipes; she plays the saxophone! She denies that she was forced to leave her home country for this reason and points out that she loves both haggis, (the national dish), and Irn Bru, (the national sugar-and-caffeine-in-a-can.)

When asked what her favourite thing about Kazakhstan is, Claire, professional English teacher, said, “I like horse!” But seriously, her favourite thing is her students... the ones who do their homework. The ones who don't do their homework will have to eat haggis.
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