THAT (that) wrote,

Higher Than A Kite Can Fly

As I promised you, my loyal and intrepid readers, I did in fact go down to the river and fly my kite.

On the way there. I saw a dead bee trapped in a spider web.

I got my kite up in the air... waaay up in the air.  I had tied together 6 or 7 lengths of kite string from various kites I have had over the years.


And then... SNAP... the string broke.  It wasn't the knots I tied, it was that I had used really light string from cheap kites to fly a fairly sturdy, heavy kite.  It actually held while I flew it and only broke when I began reeling it in.

I watched it float and bob on the air gracefully. It drifted clear across the Wisła. I filmed it with my little camera, but the resolution was not high enough to capture the tiny speck disappearing into the trees in the distance.  I could barely see it.

When I was pretty sure I had mentally landmarked where it landed, I headed off down the road to the Siekierkowski bridge, a good kilometer away..

See my kite? (Picture taken from the bridge.)
Thar she blows. (Same picture, close up.)
I crossed the bridge and went under.  It's a park down there and there are paths, but my kite was in an area accessible only by pushing through the high reeds by the river.
There's an important clue to the whereabouts of my kite here.  See it?
Same picture, close up.  The string!


So I tugged on it, without much hope.  I know from experience that when a kite is snagged in a tree, the best string in the world will break before your kite gets free.
Tug, tug, tug...
And of course it did snap.
It's easily 50 feet off the ground.  The tree that it belongs to now is unclimbable, except by insects, squirrels, and small monkeys.  Since there aren't any small monkeys in Poland and I don't know how to train insects or squirrels, I suppose it shall remain there.  So long, kite.  You were a good kite.  Sorry I didn't give you the string you deserved.
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