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From An Old Dream Journal

While looking through my scanned papers for something mundane, I came across this dream journal, which is unfortunately undated.  Based on my handwriting, it's definitely early 90s at the latest, possibly late 80s.  Pretty much pre-internet.

A dream journal from the late 80s or 90s.
↑ "Dream of the future - great dark blue glass tower.  Outside were horrible slums, stretching to the horizon.  High security - ruthless exclusion.  Inside, people plugged into the apparatus - exquisite artificial universe projected onto the dark glass, superimposed over the grim panorama outside.  The privileged could not relax, though - they were all bunched together and looked like they were all on an all-night Greyhound or Boeing.  No sleep, no rest."

Illustration form a dream journal from the late 80s or 90s.
↑ And there is this accompanying drawing.

Doesn't sound all that different from the world we live in today.
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