THAT (that) wrote,

Garage Sale Leftovers

Here are some things that are left over from our garage sale. There is some abominably kitschy small statuary. There is a can of phones. There is one wheel for something or other. There a couple of geegaws, a doomaflotchie or two, some plates... I don't know. I know that it all would have sold for TOP DOLLAR, but alas, our profit-making was cut tragically short by a vigorous thunderstorm. If it doesn't rain on your garage sale, you could score big, man. COME ON BIG MONEY.

OH... and then there's this large white wooden... structure. Sort of a cube, but not quite square. A terrible podium, a highly illogical attempt at a table... basically, it's a really stupid design, but the wood could easily be used for something else, if you're the handy-with-wood sort. Or you could hide stuff underneath it. I don't know what you might need to hide under there and you shouldn't tell me, because that would defeat the purpose of hiding anything.

WELL, ANYWAY. It's all free. Come and get it. It's on the curb at 1608 Kipling. If there's some item you really want to know about, as in whether it's still sitting out there baking in the sun or it's gone to live with someone new, well, call if you must and I will look out the window. Thanks. 936-652-1216

PS - Please come take all this stuff. KTHXBAI

UPDATE: Within one hour of posting this, someone came and got all this stuff. Amazing. That wooden thhing had been sitting on the curb for 4 days.

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