THAT (that) wrote,

What To Do When Your Care Gets Stuck

Not IF, but WHEN. I found this important and timely information in a recycling bin in Fulton, MO. You're welcome.
Hep-cat car skills... play it cool and cagey... the universal solution!
This guide was made for me. I can use the debris that accumulates in my car to free my car! Wait... I don't have a car.
Is it just me or does this look like a Hitchcock storyboard?
These all look like "the morning after" type problems to me.
Hang-ups are always a bring-down man. Unlock your bumpers and free your mind. I mean, your car.
If you are left-handed, you will never be able to liberate this booklet from its home in Popular Science. If your car gets stuck, well, too bad, lefties. Maybe you should have thought of that before you took Satan up on his offer and strangled your twin in your mother's womb.

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