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More Ebay Lit From Yours Truly

Honestly, a book is not going to help you learn to sound like Slim Harpo. You've got to go to the recordings to catch that feel. I mean, the guitar solo in King Bee is literally just one note. One PERFECT note. And that voice, what musical terminology could one possibly employ to transmit that laid-back genius... sing lazily, through the nose...?

But I digress. If you're a fan of the real blues, this is just kind of a cool thing to have. (If you think SRV is "old school," please go away now and stop reading this. Your existence depresses me.) Imagine a world where enough people wanted to sound like Slim Harpo that somebody figured they could make a buck printing a Slim Harpo songbook? That's a world that's gone forever and I for one maintain that things have not improved.

There are a couple of grainy B&W photos of Slim and a brief biographical sketch. The words to the songs appear to me to be correct. (I only know about half of these songs.) The compositions transcribed herein (rather badly, to be honest) are...
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