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Bright Sunny Days Of Doom

Man, this weather is just WRONG. It feels like about 60 degrees right now. I just sat on the porch and sipped some tea. The sun was so warm I had to get into the shade. My feet were sweating in my slippers. This is winter in the midwest?

Everyone around here is loving it, but I see a harbinger of terrible things to come. The future is going to be unimaginably hot within most of our lifetimes. The whole middle of the planet is fucked. We'll be lucky if any of it is habitable in 100 years. Move as far north as you can get some real estate. I don't say that just because we're having a warm January; I say it because I follow the issue. This warm spell is not proof, it's just a symptom.

I understand why ecological campaigners have to stress the positive, but the science is clear and it's going to get clearer. We are past the tipping point. I'm not interested in arguing about it; it's too late. There's nothing we can do about it. If you don't believe the science, go ahead, buy some waterfront property in the south.

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