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Writer's Block: World Vegetarian Awareness Month

What's your favorite vegetarian meal?
Funny this should come up.  Just today I decided to restart my vegetarianism.  In fact, I'm going to shoot for vegan.  I'm going to eat the rest of what's in the house, but I'm not buying any more animal products.  I went shopping tonight and got a bunch of good stuff.

One favorite vegetarian meal?  There are too many.  I really love avocadoes: guacamole, avocado sandwiches, avocadoes mixed into burritos with read beans & rice... But my favorite vegetable overall has to be poblano peppers.  I bought one tonight. and I am determined to learn to cook with them, dagnabbit.  Oh, and eggplant, I really love eggplant.  That's another one, the preparation of which I am resolved to master.  I've finally gotten good about eating at home; it's time to get serious about learning to cook things I like to eat.  If I don't keep my rather restless palate engaged, I will fall off the wagon. I know that.  Cheese is going to be the hardest thing to let go.  I have a taste for cheeses.  Got to keep lots of nuts and other oily things on hand to deal with that craving.


That's a drag. I can digest anything... and lots of it! I've been vegetarian before for years at a stretch, but never vegan.
A lot of things are like that. I have to head hunger off at the pass. If I keep good stuff around to eat, I'll do well, but if I wait until I'm out and about and I get hungry, all bets are off. I might come home with a steak.
That's right. Eating meat made sense in a calorie-scarce environment, and still may in some places, but not for us. Our problem is an overabundance of excessively rich food. Not eating meat really is one of the most significant ecological choices we can make in our day-to-day lives.

Eating is a fundamental behavior and it takes a lot to change it. Just look at how food-motivated animals are, even when they have more than they need. I think about that when I watch the ferocity with which Reg & Brewster snatch a peanut, run to safety, and stuff it in their faces as quickly as they can.

Man... liverwurst? I've never even had that. I think liver is one of the most disgusting things you can eat. My weakness is a big, fat steak. Maybe if I had a pet cow, I would give in less. It's funny, though, I never eat pork. Ever. The idea of pigs in cages and slaughterhouses just horrifies me and I can't put it out of my mind. I probably have a false notion that cows have it better.

I'm glad you don't have the "strong drive to be perfect." I think this is an area where the perfect is the enemy of the good. We'll keep at it together!


A really great vegan cookbook: "Vegan Deli" by Joanne Stepaniak. Extremely easy to follow and covers so many foods I never knew I would love. A comprehensive history of how and why delis began. Making sandwiches had me stumped for a while but Ms Stepaniak helps out there, too. Good luck.

Re: Veganism

I bet it's great but I'm too cheap to buy a cookbook when there are so many free recipes on the web. I've found some good ones at vegweb.com.

The book I read that convinced me eating only plants was the right thing to do ecologically was Diet For A Small Planet, which I read 25 years ago.

I find that my craving for "meaty" foods can be met by peanut butter, eggplant, refried beans, avocado & mushrooms. The main thing for me is that I have to have good stuff on hand so I won't succumb to impulse and go get a burrito or something.

Interestingly, as I've been making the switch, I find myself eating a lot less at one sitting. I'm sure my daily calorie count is down.

We should have fun cooking when we meet up in Fulton!

BTW, is there a food processor there or should I keep mine?