THAT (that) wrote,

Capitalism: Someday We Will Understand All

Being a man of a certain age, I take to heart the "suggestion" that perhaps I could be troubled to take an aspirin every day, so I don't keel over & die. So I go to the store and WHOA, look at this ginormous bottle of aspirin, for under $5! That should keep me alive forever, right? Let's look inside and see how many aspirins they can fit into this oil tanker, baby.

Hmmm... It appears that this canister is filled with 90% air. 120 tablets fills it up to about the bottom of the printed label.

Now why would that be? Is there some scientific safety precaution that mandates that aspirin needs lots of air or it won't work? Funny, I remember when I was a kid, aspirin bottles were clear and you could see that they were filled right up to the top. And I know things settle a bit in shipping, but there is no way these tablets ever took up more room than they're taking up now. And there's no big cotton wad in there, so apparently, they're hardy enough to withstand a good deal of jostling.

Gee, I wonder if it could be... marketing? Like the advanced psychological sales strategy of Making Shit Look Bigger? Nah, impossible. The market always solves every problem in the most efficient manner. If you don't accept that fact, you're obviously an America-hating socialist.

Well, I guess we'll never know. The Market works in mysterious ways, Its wonders to perform. Whatever unknown problem is solved by this packaging strategy, we can be sure that it more than offsets the tons and tons of plastics it sends to landfills and the ocean.
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