THAT (that) wrote,

My Letter To the Editor of the Dubuque Telegraph Herald

Alexandra Armstrong's Saturday religion column has got to be the dumbest thing I have seen in print in some time.  First she is able to tell, by talking to her for one minute, that a waitress is going to spend eternity in hell.   But she's too nervous to mention it.  Later she works up the nerve to drop off a Bible.  How heroic.  I never realized what crushing responsibility comes with imaginary certainty. 

I hope next week we are treated to a column by someone of the Muslim faith, expressing concern for all the damned souls in Iowa.   Or perhaps one by an earnest adherent of one of the world's many other religions, fretting about how to approach Ms. Armstrong, in order to explain that her error of faith will surely send her to the lake of fire.  I'm sure she would appreciate the thoughtfulness of such a gesture.


Here's a link to the article.  They actually expect people to pay to read it.
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