THAT (that) wrote,

MBA Buzzwords 2011: Fantasy Vs. Reality

Who moved your cheese? Let's think outside the box a moment. Maybe it's not cheese you're looking for, but the brand space formerly held by cheese. What would that look like? Action-plan it. Are there potential synergies emerging across distributed interfaces? What will it take for you to fill that space before anyone else knows it's there? That's a question only you can answer.

Thank you, that will be $25,000.

You know, I just made that shit up, but with a little googling I found this:

"As a brand builder, “brand space” is one of your most useful concepts. It encompasses all the territories where your brand intends a presence. Consider it your brand turf. Much of your brand space is forward focused. It contains the brand elements that will rise to the surface and nurture your business when your company launches new products and services. In fact, you will always be priming some part of your brand space for emerging markets."

In other words, it is almost impossible to parody these people. Which is unfortunate, since they are sucking up all the money in the world and are doubtlessly preparing to drive the economy into a ditch again.

What? I'm just saying.
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