THAT (that) wrote,

Brewster On The Scene!

I decided that Reg is lonely, so I went to the Humane Society today and got this little guy.

His previous owners thought he was a girl so they named him Fancy. I took one look at him and thought "Brewster!" so that's his name now. He was super friendly right from the start.

In order to help the guys get acquainted, I set them in adjacent boxes so they could smell each other and maybe tap little Morse code signals back and forth.

I closed up the boxes and left them there a while.

I cleaned out the cage so it would have a neutral smell. I've heard that helps them get along when you're introducing a new rat.

At last I let them out.  Reg is on top in the picture below.  His fur is a little yellowish and his snout is lighter in color.  And his spots aren't as dark.

Well, things started out well, but they're not getting along so great. There's been quite a bit of nipping, squeaking, wrestling, stand-offs, mounting attempts, staring contests and studious ignoring. I'm not sure If I'll feel okay leaving them in the cage together tonight. It's deathly quiet for long stretches and then all of a sudden, squeaking, hissing and tussling. Reg wanders around the cage and gets drinks, but Brewster's just been hiding in the bottom. Philadelphia and Reg both did that at first, too, so maybe it's normal. Rats really don't do well with change and Brewster's just had a huge lifestyle adjustment.

Here's a ridiculously long video of the two of them, working out their issues.

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