THAT (that) wrote,

Ramen Wars Day V: The Strange Vs. the Familiar

Yesterday morning's ramen was very strange. This guy doesn't look very Asian to me. I dunno, maybe I'm a racist.

At least it's heathier than most ramen. While very low in sodium, it's also not so spicy.

And the noodles, well, they were just weird. I guess you can call anything a noodle. Maybe "noodle" is Asian for "thing?"

Whatever. I put some margarine and brown sugar in there and durn if it wasn't pretty good, in its own bland way.

Well, that was yesterday, in the morning and everything. Tonight's ramen was much more normal. I came home drunk from a gig and whipped up some Oh! Ricey Instant Pho A Vietnamese Famous Soup. The directions were so easy I could do it after drinking four IPA's. You just empty everything into a bowl and pour boiling water over it. No problem.

And damn, it was good. So salty, so tangy, so Oh! Ricey. I love you, continent of Asia. Thank you.
Tags: ramen
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