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Ramen Wars, Day III: The Triumph of Japan

I've had Sapporo Ichiban before.  One of my favorites.  I especially like the bean curd.  Highly recommended.  And at 647mg of sodium (27% RDA) it's less of a salt sledgehammer than most of these ramens, which average about twice that much.

Oh! Ricey is not really ramen; rice noodles are a Vietnamese thing, I think and I'm pretty sure the writing on the front is Vietnamese.  But it does say at the top of the package MADE WITH JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY.  

It was tasty... I slurped it up eagerly.  You can't compare a $1 package to a real bowl of phở, which is one of my favorite foods.  It's pretty oily and the package says it delivers 78.4% RDA sodium... eat a few of these a day and in a couple of weeks you'll probably have swollen feet and high blood pressure.  But it's yummy as all git-out; a far cry from the ramen of your college years.
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