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Ramen Wrangling, Day II

I traveled backwards through time today and wrote a symphony that will heal the planet, but that's not why we're here. You want to hear about the three packages of ramen I ate.

First off: Neoguri, another high quality Nong Shim job in a large package.

I followed the instructions meticulously this time, even the oddly precise "19 1/2 fl. oz. of water."

Well, that was 4 minutes in the kitchen well-spent! This is not your punk rock gas station ramen, baby... it was delicious. I'm beginning to think Nong Shim is the Rolls Royce of ramens.

Doesn't this look good?

It was with sadness of lone crane in winter field that I tore open the last of my Nong Shim packages. (I have a feeling it's gong to be downhill from here on.) It's been so long since I had real Kim Chee I can't tell you how authentic the flavor of  Kimchi Ramyun was—I'm thinking it wasn't nearly stinky enough—but it was awesome.

My worst fears were confirmed when I encountered Lucky Me Pancit Canton (CHOW MEIN CITRUS FLAVOR).

Lucky Me is no Nong Shim, I'll tell you that right now. Not only were the noodles just like the cheap, chalky Nissin/Maruchan/Top Ramen kind, but you have to laboriously combine ingredients from three little packets into a grainy paste, which is a lot of work to put into something that ends up tasting like lemon air freshener. This stuff is nasty. I don't know what Kalamansi is but I'm thinking they use it in mop water. Do Not Want.

And that's today's ramen wrap-up. Stay tuned for another exciting broadcast!
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