THAT (that) wrote,

New Song


Fine fancy tablecloth
White gloves and marmalade
“This is ridonculous”
She says and walks away

Blood on the avenue
Glass on the lobby floor
Sunlight on skeleton
She’s a kid in a candy store

Drug me like a parcel to the hinterlands
Up where the cold winds blow
Never was much of a city boy
But I made a lousy Eskimo

She's quite a bit farther
Than the brochure said that one should go
I asked her if she wanted all the bother
She said, "Oh, sure, as if you would know"

I’m stuck in Panama
Telegram from Uruguay
“Come STOP don’t wait STOP love STOP”
Love ain’t no holiday

Love ain’t no holiday
Love ain’t no holiday

(C) 2010 David Morrison BMI a.r.r.

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