THAT (that) wrote,

Monk's Wednesday Open Mic Youtube Channel

IN A WORLD of open mics dominated by acoustic guitar versions of tired radio staples... ONE OPEN MIC is not afraid to go on strange journeys of group improvisation, to host guys who accompany themselves with Dance Dance Revolution floor pads or tune their guitars way down and make strange noises, or sing old German cabaret songs with the ukulele.

This is the story of that open mic.

It happens every Wednesday from 9 to midnight in the basement of Monk's Kaffee Pub. Your hosts are Bob, Ben & Dave of the Glimmer Blinkken.

Singers and musicians of all sorts are welcome. You don't have to jam - you can sing your song if you like; we just like to mix it up.

There is no cover. You must be 21. There is a full bar with a great selection of beers and coffee drinks. Monk's is located at 373 Bluff St. (563) 585-0919.

NOTE: Sometimes open mic is pre-empted by a road show, so if you're hauling a sousaphone, you might want to call before you come down.

See you there! -David

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