THAT (that) wrote,

Gig Report: Chicago Warehouse Thing

Drove to Chicago yesterday with my friend Bob Bucko, Jr. We played in a warehouse in an Hispanic neighborhood. Some artsy kids in their 20's also lived in the building.

There were two acts before me. The second one featured two guys sitting at a makeshift table, amplifying power tools and a sewing machine.

These guys had a great Singer.

Of course I forgot to ask anybody to take pictures of me, but I sang a few songs with my ukulele. My vocal mic didn't work, but I just rolled with it: it's not hard to find comedy in my music career. The young aesthetes of Chicago welcomed me warmly.

Then Bob got up and did a blistering set of improvised solo electric guitar, which brought down the house and got several encores. As you can see, there was video projection, which I think young people require these days in order to focus for more than 30 seconds.

Then we went to a party across town. By the time we got back on the road, we were so beat we just stopped at the first hotel we found... a fancy-schmantsy new Radisson. The clerk was awesome: she took one look at the two raggedy musicians dragging ass into the lobby and gave us a super cheap rate.

And today we drove back. I am exhausted. Practice with the Glimmer Blinkken tonight.

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