THAT (that) wrote,

First Song Off The Album: Cigarette

I've completed the first track from my album. The song is Cigarette. The album will be called Special Prosecutor.

Update: I rolled out the mix of this song too soon. All links to it have been removed. It'll come back when it's ready.


The mother surely wants to see me in my grave
(Fifteen years early)
He seems to think that I was born to be his slave
(Makes me so squirrely)
He moves my hand, he makes me put him in my mouth
(Borrows my thinking)
He grew up in a laboratory in the south
(Scientists drinking)

What did I ever do to you?
Tell me you're only joking

The pretty people put their faces on again
(Paradise frying)
Angel shines the light through me at my best friend
(Beauty denying)
The cowboy stares into the distance wherefore death
(Got to get away-oh)
The sulphur sunset sucks away his lastest breath

What did I ever do to you?
Tell me you're only joking
What did I?

Smash the locks and free the slaves
Say goodbye then turn and wave
Put the bones inside a bag
Climb the hill and plant the flag

Smoke is rising in the sky
Now it's time to say goodbye

(c) 2009 David Morrison BMI. All rights reserved.
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