THAT (that) wrote,

Meeting Notes, Binocular Lung Things & My Martian Childhood

Here we see a rare instance of me drawing the same thing more than once. This guy starts out looking fairly normal for a guy with a dog nose:

Then he tries on a turtleneck:

Then... his hat splits in half? (Surprising a subterranean whirligig which is protruding its hologrammatic proboscis from a nearby crater.)

And finally we see that it is his head itself which has bifurcated, requiring two little elf caps and some striped festoonery:

After this brief interlude of thematic continuity, we return to my usual impersonation of a Martian third-grader, filling up his school notebooks and daydreaming about the possibility of life on Earth.

"Don't be stupid. Everybody knows the earth atmosphere is full of oxygen! Nothing could live in that poisonous swamp. You'd better study for your inverse suction ordeal or you'll wind up on the crater detail, vlorking skeech pellets. Then you'll never get an osmosis permit!"

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