THAT (that) wrote,

Lady Gaga Reconsidered

Well, I have to retract my post saying Lady Gaga is not annoying. Believe it or not, I had never seen any of her videos. I just listened to a couple of tracks on and saw one clip of her playing the piano and based on that, I thought she was alright.

Tonight I watched some of the videos, which are a lot like the previews for the porn channel on a hotel tv. I now see why people find her annoying.

I still say she has some musical talent. She writes her own material and can sit down at a piano and sell a song. Can you imagine Madonna or Britney doing this?

Not that that matters much in today's music world. If she wasn't willing to market herself as a sex symbol, we'd probably never have heard of her.

Anyway, this is dumb, me rambling on about Lady Gaga, who I don't really care about. I must be pretty bored.
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