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The Gentleman from Iowa Has the Floor

All across Europe, far-right parties seem to have made significant gains.  That's worrying.  These are the kind of people who started both world wars.

I just did a little reading on Andrew Brons, the 'genteel fascist' British National Party candidate who was elected to the UK contingent of the European parliament. despite the best facebook efforts of our beloved norbert_beaver.   Brons looks a lot like our David Duke, who got the KKK to wear suits and ties in an effort to sell them as Republicans With Teeth, rather than plain old racist crackers.  Brons has worried aloud that fire-bombing synagogues might be bad for the branding campaign

Looks to me like the European Parliament might be a place where power is exercised in back room deals rather than by voting on legislation of consequence.  (Like everything to do with the EU, it's numbingly complex.)  If that's the case, then although the mere presence of the BNP is symbolically noxious, probably the wheeler dealers won't have much use for them and will lock them out of the process, the way the Business Republicans recoiled from David Duke.  Rabid idealogues are generally bad for business.  But I may be overly optimistic with my American analogy.  Brons couldn't get elected sewer commissioner north of the Mason/Dixon line.

Probably very many of those who cast ballots for the fascists in England were just misinformed protest voters who will be as appalled as the Americans were when Duke hit the national stage.  Once people got what he was about, he was finished in electoral politics.  Our two party system has at least the advantage of usually keeping the worst of the crazies marginalized.  Republicans are Hate Lite compared to the BNP.  Gridlocked mediocrity is not always the worst option.  Americans also get worked up about chickenshit kerfluffles like the English expenses scandal and, bleat 'throw the bums out'  and 'term limits' every so often.  A few bucks at the gas pump seem to weigh more on the minds of many people than the erosion of habeas corpus or a war sold on faked intelligence.  It's been rightly said that evil triumphs when good people do nothing, but I think it also profits when idiots who should do nothing get up off the toilet and push a voting button.

I should be a political columnist.  I'm just bursting with opinions on events of which I have no direct knowledge.
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