THAT (that) wrote,

Bringing in the Sheaves... We Shall Come Rejoicing

Good article on the financial collapse in the London Review of Books: It's Finished.  Focuses on the long-term effects on the UK .  I share the author's opinion that the bailouts are not exactly a cover-up, more an instinctive class reaction out of loyalty to the economic model. 

"To the relevant bigshots of the financial sector – people Tim Geithner knows well from his time as head of the New York Federal Reserve – this plan represents a bold, sane, ingenious attempt to create a space for the so-called assets to return to their rightful values. To many other observers, it’s not so different from dressing up in a costume and dancing in a circle praying for the intervention of the Market Gods. The plan embodies a desperate yearning for this to be a crisis of liquidity rather than one of solvency, and hopes that by acting on that belief, it will make it come true."

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