THAT (that) wrote,

Making Arrangements

Bought myself a cheap but playable acoustic guitar yesterday for $129 from a pawn shop in Dubuque.  I need to do some shows and right now all I can see working up is the old singer-songrwiter shtick.  Unfortunately, last night I stayed up way too late playing songs, rewriting lyrics, working on arrangements.  I'm exhausted today and my fingers are sore.  It's a year since I played the steel stringed acoustic guitar regularly.  It's good to take some time way from it and focus on other instruments, helps me break out of manual habits and think a little more about arranging songs rather than just strumming them. 

Rearranging old songs and improving the lyrics can sometimes bring them back from the dead.  I doubt that I'm a more inspired writer than I was 25 years ago, but I'm a much better rewriter.  I've become much more willing to throw things out and try other things.  I guess I'm a better craftsman, better at shaping lyrics into a coherent form, a more sophisticated and able guitarist.  It's good that I've got these advantages on my younger self, since he was much more prolific than I am; we can collaborate.
Tags: songwriting
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