THAT (that) wrote,

Iowa Corniness

Aw, geez.  This corn fetish has gone too far.  I mean, what's next, ritual sacrifice of the Teen Corn Queen to the Corn God?  I pledge allegiance to the stalk?  Re-education camps run by the Khorn Rhouge?  The pope holding mass in a corn field?


This campaign is what Iowa is all about- a corn-fed economy, corn-fed fuel, corn-fed livestock and so much more! We are proud to launch this unique, statewide promotion of corn in Iowa.

We grow corn in Iowa, we feed corn in Iowa, and we fuel with corn in Iowa!

You will see the corn fed message on television, in the newspaper, and on the radio, but you can touch and feel the corn fed campaign during the Iowa Corn Fed Sweepstakes. Click here for Iowa Corn Fed Tour locations.  Check out the link below to win your own corn charged ride, a 2009 FFV Chevy Silverado!

Click here to win
Weekly winners will be chosen for prizes, for more information
Click here

To purchase a t-shirt ~ Click here

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