THAT (that) wrote,

The Space Octopi

I got pretty squee when I saw this drawing in metamouse's journal:



So I told him I have often daydreamed about being a space octopus and asked if I could use his drawing in an icon. He said sure and asked what it's like to be a space octopus.

A space octopus is just as at home in space as a regular octopus is in the water. They're nourished by solar radiation of all kinds and find the output of different stars delicious. They're androgynous but capable of great sensual pleasure.

Unlike aquatic octopi, they are very social and travel in pods of 37 individuals. Sometimes they play a game where they link tentacles to form a huge spiral slingshot and take turns flinging each other at incredible speeds around the edges of black holes, which causes them to boomerang back to the starting point, where they link back up at the end of the chain.

Every few million years there is a huge gathering of all the pods in each galaxy. They link themselves into a huge cluster and form a lattice encompassing a gas giant. They then vibrate at various tensions, sending signals throughout the network which makes a complex tone specifically tailored to the density of the gas giant. When they reach the resonant frequency, a musical signal results which can be heard in other galaxies, by other pod clusters. The combination of all the tones produced by all the galactic pod clusters in this universe creates an overtone which can be heard by space octopi in other dimensions.

So there you go and now you know.

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