THAT (that) wrote,

-21 F @ 10:00 a,m,

Sigh.  Even our beloved livejournal is a ruthless corporation that fires people without warning or severance.  It's now been sold twice and is currently owned by a Russian media company.  According to the Washington Post, we can expect to see increased "monetization" of our little community, which is apparently an underperforming income-generating vehicle.  And that's always lovely.  My paid account recently lapsed and I see banner ads on my comments page.

In other news, if you still have some hope for humanity?  There's an easy fix for that.  Read the comments on any public message board.  That'll cure ya.

Or you can read the news itself:

"I can guarantee you that there is a team of people listening to the tape and trying to come up with a plausible explanations for why he is wheezing," said Kiriakou. "Second, of all why did he release the tape with the wheezing in it? Is it a chronic condition and he had to release the tape now because he's not going to get any better? Or, was there some other reason for releasing the tape now?"

I fully understand, btw, that pointing out the suffocating omnipresence of human stupidity does not make me smart.   I'm not that stupid.
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