THAT (that) wrote,

Can America Check The Simplest Fact?

Blatant lies.  Defended and repeated in complete contradiction to verifiable facts.  If that's what you want in a President, McCain's your guy.

"During the last week, the McCain campaign has unabashedly engaged in the active spreading of mistruths and falsehoods. It said that Barack Obama supported “comprehensive sex education” for children in kindergarten (“dishonest” and “deceptive” said The Washington Post); that Mr. Obama used the colloquial expression “lipstick on a pig” to describe Sarah Palin (G.O.P. Senator Orrin Hatch labeled the charge “ridiculous”); that Ms. Palin never accepted earmarks as governor of Alaska; (this is patently false, she actually requested $450 million in earmarks as governor); that Mr. Obama will raise taxes on middle-class families (his plan would actually give a tax cut to 80 percent of Americans); that his health care plan will force families into a government-run health care plan; (a public health expert quoted in this paper called that “inaccurate and false”); that Ms. Palin told Congress “thanks, but no thanks” on the Bridge to Nowhere (she initially supported the bridge and kept the Congressional funds earmarked for the project); that Ms. Palin visited Ireland and Iraq (her airplane refueled in the former and never crossed the border into the latter). Now there are even reports that the McCain campaign fabricated crowd estimates for a recent rally in Virginia."

Click here for the full article.

Also checkout the Annenberg Foundation's absolutely nonpartisan for the relative veracity of the two sides' claims.  They even had to write about how the McCain campaign deliberately misused their findings.

Are  enough Americans so incapable of the simplest fact-checking, so easily duped by the crudest demagoguery, that this bullshit might actually work?  Is a well-researched article on campaign lies only read by  that small percentage of voters who are alread engaged with the issues and thus wouldn't have fallen for the lies in the first place?  Is the herd of infotainment consumers just playing with their puds and watching political porn?

We'll find out in November.  I have not lost all hope, but I am far from confident that integrity and sound policy positions can win this election.
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